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Today we will learn how to convert work laptop to personal one. It is not difficult work. It is very easy. I will describe that in a lot of ways. You can use your favourite method to switch from a work laptop to a personal one. You have to read it to continue. The first question is why do we need to make a work laptop personal?

Why Do We Need To Convert A Work Laptop To A Personal One?

It looks like you were working for a company where you were using your own purchased laptop. Now you have left your company. Now you want to change your work laptop to a personal one. That’s it.

So, there are many ways to do it. I will guide you step by step. With the help of this article, you will convert your work laptop to a personal one.

How To Convert Work Laptop To Personal?

On a work laptop, there are many companies’ data. First, if you want to store it, then do it. Otherwise, send this data to your company. Then you can do anything with your laptop without any doubt.

Format Your Hard Drive:

The first thing is to format your drive completely. There are many ways to format your drive, but the best and easiest method is to format it through the boot option.

To go to the boot menu first, you have to create a bootable USB(Flash Drive or Pen Drive). If you do not have a USB, then you can use a CD or DVD disk to go to the boot menu. Otherwise, if you want to use USB to go to the boot menu, then you need to know .

Where Can We Find The Boot Option?

Different systems have different functions for opening their boot menus. The user may launch the boot menu by hitting one of many keyboard keys while the machine is booting up.

Depending on the motherboard or computer’s manufacturer, Esc, F2, F10, or F12 are often used to reach the Boot Menu. On the Windows installation menu, format your drives and also format your further drives named as D:, E:, F:, etc.

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By formatting it, the best benefit is that it will remove all types of viruses from your system and give it a new and fresh look. Then, install a new window in your system, and now your system is neat and clean. It’s ready for your home use or personal use.

How to Setup a Password on a Laptop

On a personal laptop, there are many things that we don’t want to leak. It may be personal files, folders, etc. So, to keep this type of thing from others, we should use a secure password on our personal laptop.

There are many ways to protect your personal data. Many users know how to setup a secure lock on my system. If you don’t know how to setup a lock on a laptop, then read this guide carefully.

If you want to keep it more secure, then there is no need to set this Windows password. Maybe your hater knows how to unlock this code. So, I’m going to tell you the best locker system.

BIOS Locker

The best locker is to setup a password on a hard drive. Yes, you can set a password on your hard drive through your system’s BIOS. Some of the viewers don’t know how to set a lock on a hard drive, so I will explain it to them. So, use it and keep your laptop secure.

An effective method of hard drive encryption is used while setting the BIOS HDD password.

No one can access the data on the hard drive without the HDD password, even if the hard disk is plugged into another computer, since the HDD password in the BIOS supports the anti-brute-force attack technique. The BIOS allows you to establish, modify, and remove the HDD password.

  • Press and hold or continually press F2 to access the BIOS Setup Utility screen during startup or restart. Click HDD Password, then key in the password.
  • The window for the system setup tool will open. To update the HDD password, choose HDD Master Password or HDD User Password, hit Enter, and then adhere to the prompts on the screen.
  • Simply leave the new HDD Master Password password blank and press F10 to save the changes and exit in order to remove the HDD password.

Furthermore, if you want to make your home laptop more secure, you can use the BitLocker application on your Microsoft Windows. BitLocker is the latest software which is pre-installed with Windows. So, you can use it on all your drives to make them more secure.

Make A Copy of Your Home’s Data:

You should make a copy of your private data. Because we are all using electric gadgets. It can be destroyed any time. So, you have to create a copy of your data on a portable flash drive, or you can also use a portable HDD or SSD.

Always Use Windows Defender:

There are many advisors who advise you to install a third-party antivirus. But I will not do it. Microsoft Defender is working perfectly. So, there is no need to install a new one.

The reason is that, we don’t know that the antivirus which I’m going to install is a virus itself. So, there is need to trust on third party software’s. Always go with a genuine.

Turn On Windows Updates:

You should enable your Windows updates after activating them. There is no need to disable your Windows updates. The reason is that it may be your version of installed Windows.

If you do not upgrade your Windows version, after some days your system will stop working. And this time you can’t update it. So keep upgrading your system. It will help your system work faster.

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